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What You Need To Know About Timing Births (Child Spacing)


A woman who has too many births, births too close together, births before age 18 and birth after age 35 endangers her life. Any birth under these conditions may lead to disability or death of about one third of these babies. Mothers of these babies may also suffer some health problems or risks of death.

Family planning is an important way of making the health of women and children better. The practice of controlling the number of children one has and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of contraception or voluntary sterilization.


  • Pregnancy before the age of 18 or after the age of 35 puts the lives of the mother and her baby in danger. Young women and their families should know the dangers that come with pregnancy before age 18 and how early pregnancy can be prevented.
  • A woman should wait for at least 2 years after each delivery before getting pregnant. If a woman becomes pregnant before her body is strong enough to carry another baby, she may give birth to a premature baby. The baby may not grow well, be small in birth weight, may be sick and may die in the end.
  • If a mother does not stop having babies after four deliveries, both the mother and the unborn baby may be in danger. A woman's body can easily become weak after carrying many pregnancies (above four), and after taking care of them.
  • Family planning helps women of child bearing age and their partners to plan when to start having babies, how many to have, when to have them and when to stop. There are many safe and good ways of preventing pregnancy when the family is not ready.
  • Family planning should involve both partners. They should know why it is good. Husbands and wives or partners should make sure that pregnancy does not rake place when it is not safe or when they are not ready for it.

Source: UNICEF

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