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Blac Chyna & Her Mother Tokyo Toni Are Finally On Good Terms

Blac Chyna & Her Mother Tokyo Toni Are Finally On Good Terms

This summer will be a good once for Blac Chyna as well since she's finally repaired her relationship with her mother. If you can remember, Tokyo Toni has publicly bashed her daughter a number of times out of frustration that Blac won't allow her to see her two grandchildren. At one point Tokyo called Blac a "mistake" and a "statutory rape baby," distancing her even more.

It looks as though the drama and hurtful words are in the past since Blac and Tokyo are now on good terms. In the images shared below, you can see that Tokyo was so happy that her daughter requested to follow her on Instagram that she shared it to her feed, with a caption that details her love for her child. Blac even commented back with lots of heart emojis and an "I love you too."

Now that Blac has a new reality series on the way that will most likely feature her mother (and maybe Rob Kardashian) it's best they get on the same page, but it doesn't mean that even a little drama won't ensue. Blac discussed her mother, Rob and her famous exes even more during her recent visit to The Breakfast Club

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