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11 Injured as Plane Slides off Runway After Storm in Myanmar


On Wednesday a storm hit an airport in the city of Myanmar causing a plan to slid off the runway while landing injuring eleven people.

Images showed a crumpled Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane lying on the grass at the side of the runway.

AFP interviewed a police officer found in the air and he said "One pilot, an air hostess and nine passengers were slightly injured, "  but asked not to be named, adding that the plane slid from the runway as it landed at 6.50pm (1220 GMT).

"It happened near Terminal 3 where it fell onto the cargo runway as it landed," he added, saying that the nose and both wings were damaged.

Yangon International Airport did not confirm the crash but announced that heavy rain had caused them to suspend "runway operations until further notice".

Other incoming flights were diverted to the capital Naypyidaw.

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