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WhatsApp introduced new feature

Social media is an important component of modern people lives of contemporary societies, and on the point of particular young people. This has makes communication more easier and fun but on the other hands, it's more dramatic. 

New feature added to WhatsApp.
New feature added to WhatsApp. 
To make WhatsApp more convenient to use by the users, Facebook Inc on Wednesday decided to changed the privacy settings on its WhatsApp messaging platform, giving the users free will to choose who can add them to chat groups. 

The user inviting another to a group will be prompted to send a private invite through an individual chat, giving the recipient the choice of joining the group. The request will expire in three days.

The changed helps to avoid users been added to unnecessary groups chat without the users consent and also it less data usage and pop group messages. 

 The company said the new feature would be rolled out for some users on Wednesday and be available worldwide in the coming weeks.


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