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Louis van Gaal criticize Gunnar Solskjaer Playing Style.

Louis van Gaal criticize Gunnar Solskjaer Playing Style.
Louis van Gaal 

Former Manchester united manager who has called it a quite in coaching world says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘parks the bus’ just like Jose Mourinho.

The Dutchman dismissed the idea that Solskjaer has got the Red Devils playing attacking football as they did under Sir Alex Ferguson that he believes Solskjaer’s tactics have striking resemblances to his successor’s at Old Trafford.

According to him mourinho changed to parking of bus after he left and played on the counter, then here is another coach with the same system but the difference is that Solskjaer is winning.

Mourinho who was criticised during his time at Old Trafford for not making use of youth team player's has recently said Van Gaal, who brought forward Marcus Rashford through the ranks, only did so because he was in a desperate situation.

But Van Gaal was defiant over the claims, saying: “I read something from Mourinho saying I only did that out of necessity. Not true. I created the necessity.

“A lot of trainers, like Mourinho, never give youngsters a chance. Yes, five minutes. Solskjaer, 10 minutes. That is not a chance. A chance is a full game.”

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