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Ja Rule ridiculed as Milwaukee Bucks halftime show fails to Fyre up audience.


In case you were wondering, Ja Rule is still the butt of jokes on the Internet. The Always On Time rapper performed at the Milwaukee Bucks vs Minnesota Timberwolves halftime show on Saturday night but the audience weren’t exactly loving his set.

Ja Rule’s having a rough time lately
Ja Rule’s having a rough time lately
Ja Rule, 42, struggled to rile up the crowd as he delivered a string of his 90s and noughties hits, clearly still unable to recover from the whole Fyre Festival fiasco.

 Dressed in a Bucks jersey, Ja Rule put his hand in the air and asked the audience: ‘Are we ready?’ but received radio silence.

 Of course, it’s possible they just didn’t hear him – even with a microphone – so Ja Rule cleared his throat and asked again. ‘Are we ready?’ this time prolonging the ready for what felt like an eternity.
Ja Rule failed to get the audience going
Ja Rule failed to get the audience going
After gathering even more tumbleweed, the hip hop star admitted defeat and said: ‘I guess not,’ before launching into Livin’ It Up.

 So awkward.

In fact, the performance was so badly-received that Giannis Antetokounmpo started warming up during Ja’s set. 

 Needles to say, the reactions on social media were priceless. One Twitter user with a particularly wicked sense of humour joked: ‘Ja Rule had the greatest halftime performance ever,’ while another cruelly stated: ‘Ja Rule’s career is over.’

 Another brilliantly theorised: ‘50 Cent is paying ppl to embarrass Ja Rule lol,’ while another agreed: ‘Knowing @50cent he paid them people to fuck than man show up lol smh Ja Rule. #getthestrap.’

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