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Tyler admits to claims that his Jaden Smith boyfriend

Jaden the son of Will Smith made a  passionate claims that he was in a relationship with Tyler, The Creator during his performance at Camp Flog Gnaw. 

Tyler admits his Jaden Smith boyfriend

 Jaden did say that Tyler was against anybody knowing about their coupledom, after all.

While it was likely that this was all just a troll-job from Will Smith's son, he's proven to be sexually ambiguous in the past so it was a real possibility.

However, it seems as though Tyler is doing his best to dispell the rumors now.

 Smith took to Twitter to tell his "boyfriend" that he "can't deny it now" that he's told the world about their special bond.

It took a few hours for the Odd Future frontman to reply but he hopped on the social outlet to tell Jaden just what he thinks of him.

"Hahaha you a crazy n***a man," wrote Tyler after the story was picked up by many publications.

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