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How to make Yam Piccata.


By Eby Amanda

Yam Piccata is a very nice meal that will leave whoever you served the meal wondering the magic you did. It's also one of those ways you play around with yam. 

Not every time dry frying and boiling. 

🙄 Ingredients you need for this awesomeness are Yam. 



Red and green bell peppers. 


Curry powder. 

Salt. Eggs. 

Seasoning cube. 

Vegetable oil. 

Please, it's important that your measurements goes with the quantity of yam you are walking with. Secondly, the yam should be cut into large circles then you cut it into 4 big pieces. Like you divide it into two then divide the two pieces into another two pieces. That will give you four pieces with a flat surface. It will also help the chopped onion and peppers sit so pretty. 

😋 Procedures: 

1. Cut and boil the yam with salt. If you cook yam with sugar, you can add sugar. But, I'm an Abakaliki woman. It's a taboo to add sugar to our yam. It comes with extra sweetness. Lol... It's a bragging right please. 

2. While the yam is boiling, neatly dice the peppers and onion. Be patient please so that you can a neat result. Yes! It matters. 😂 

3. Do not allow the yam to cook 100%. At most, 70% because you are still going to deep fry it. Bring it down at the appropriate time, sieve out the water and put it on a neat tray and allow to cool. 

4. Mix the flour and sugar in a dry neat plate. Take the already cool yams one after the other and deep into the flour. Make sure it goes all over the piece of yam. 

5. Break the eggs into a bowl. Add the pepper and onion, curry, seasoning cube and salt. Feel free to play around and add whatever you feel like adding. Don't go and add soup sha! 😂😂😂 

6. Put a neat pan or pot on fire and add the oil. Enough oil for deep frying. 

7. Pick the yam one after the other and put them into the egg mixture. Coat the yam very well with the egg. On the flat surface drop a few onion and the pepper. Hold it up and put into the oil. 

8. Fry on a low hit till you get a golden brown color. You can even fry it in one or two pieces to avoid spilling whatever that is on top. Food is ready. 

Drop your questions and I will gladly answer you.

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