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American Rapper Book Gang Speaks From Hospital After Being Shot Twice

Book Gang

American rapper, John Robert Hill, popularly known as Boonk Gang posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed recovering from alleged gunshot wounds he sustained.

 The rapper who had a public meltdown on Snapchat over the passing away of his musical brother-in-arms, XXXTentacion, took to his social media page showing a picture of him in a hospital bed, tweeting “Got Hit 2 Times But Im Solid”

Boonk shot up to fame on Instagram by documenting live videos of where he would steal a loaf of bread, phone from a store or even committing a more life-threatening crime then flee the scene.

 The 21-year-old rapper lost a total of 5 million followers after his Instagram page was deleted due to a frivolous act of him streaming a live video of him having sex and many people believe that this move is just one of his numerous publicity stunts.

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