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Is xxxTentacion Really Dead? After Video Resurfaced


Controversial rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead yesterday, but video circulating on the web has some fans believing he's still very much alive. 


 The video being shared by fans shows the 20-year-old musician, born Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, laughing at previous reports that he died.

 'Everybody got to chill the f**k out. No one said I'd died. Relax. I had to hurry up and f**king post so you didn't think I was dead.

 Video has been circulating online of XXXTentacion that has fans believing he survived a shooting in Deerfield Beach, Florida on Monday 'I don't want any of my fans killing themselves.

 Calm the f**k down, calm your nipples. Calm the f**k down. Chill the f**k out. Okay?' 

 He ends the video saying: 'I'm not dead.' 

 The re-circulation of this footage has led some hopeful XXXTentacion fans to falsely believe he survived Monday's shooting. 

 'Xxxtentacion is not dead. Is this true?'
 One Twitter user asked. 

 Another said: 'The death seems to be fake.' 

 It appears, based on context, that the video statement is in response to a 2017 stunt in which XXXTentacion pretended to hang himself on Instagram.

 The act sparked outrage online and fear that fans would copy him. 

 Broward County Sheriff's Department officials confirmed that the troubled recording artist died after being shot on Monday.

 'The adult male that was taken to the hospital has been pronounced dead,' The police department revealed in a tweet. 

They later confirmed XXXTentacion's identity.